Sunday, January 15, 2006

Letters From Lehrer

This week marks the opening of a stage production in Toronto entitled Letters from Lehrer. The show is playing at CanStage Berkely Theatre. Ticket and performance information can be found here.

An article in today's Toronto Star talks about the impact Tom Lehrer's tunes have had on the lives and careers of 3 individuals. I'd like to add my name to that roster. It was the animated tunes of Tom Lehrer that appeared on the Electric Company that stuck in my head as a kid. Who can forget "silent e" or "-ly"?

Years later when I heard "The Irish Ballad" I knew I wanted to make an animated version of it -- long before I knew I wanted to be an animator.

I'm glad to see a resurgence in the interest in Mr. Lehrer. The planets are alligning again.
Hopefully, it'll help spur on the completion of my film.